Esztázkői-barlang - Esztáz-kői-cseppkőbarlang - Gyetra sziklakapunál lévő barlang - Gyetra-völgyi-barlang - Gyetravölgyi cseppkőbarlang

Useful Information

Location: Southern part of the Bükk Mountains, lower part of the Gyetra Valley.
1 h hike from Felsőtárkány, the BNPI West Gate Visitor Center.
(48.024897, 20.423876)
Open: Only after appointment.
Fee: Adults HUF 1,200, Students HUF 800, Minimum HUF 6,000.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: L=160 m, VR=33 m, A=348 m asl.
Guided tours: Short Tour: D=30 min, Min=5, Max=10.
Long tour: D=60 min, Min=5, Max=10.
V=399/a [2016]
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Bükki Nemzeti Park, 3304 Eger, Sánc u. 6. Tel: +36-36-411-581, Fax: +36-36-412-791. E-mail:
Gergely Ferenczy, Caving Specialist, Tel: +36-46-533-432. E-mail:
E-mail: E-mail:
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25-OCT-1967 discovered by János Molnár and six other students of the Dobó István Forestry Secondary School in Eger.
1968 explored by the Bükki Vörös Meteor Barlangkutató Csoport (Bükk Red Meteor Cave Exploration Group).
1970 cave first named Esztáz-kői-barlang in the literature.
1976 cave surveyed and map drawn by László Dura.
14-MAY-1998 according to the Decree 13/1998 Esztáz-Kői cave can be visited with the permission of the Directorate.
2007 cave trekking tours started by the Natural Park.


Esztáz-kői-barlang (Ecstasy-stone-cave) is located in the southern part of the Bükk Mountains, in the lower part of the Gyetra Valley. The cave formed as a swallow hole, at the contact to the insoluble rocks the watercourse flowing from the non-karst surface entered the karst and drained underground through the cave. The upper level is fossil and has numerous speleothems. The lower level is a result of the incision of the valley floor, the drainage lowered and deeper level was formed.

After a blast in the limestone quarry a crack opened at the valley wall. The forestry workers told a group of students from the Dobó István Forestry Secondary School in Eger about the cracks. The adventurous youths took a rope with them and entered the cave down an entrance shaft. The discovery soon made it into the news, an interview was published in the magazine Esti Hírlap and soon Hungarian Television was filming on the site. Afterwards the exploration was continued by the Bükki Vörös Meteor Barlangkutató Csoport (Bükk Red Meteor Cave Exploration Group).

The cave is managed by the Bükki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság (BNPI, Bükk National Park Directorate) which offers cave trekking tour into the cave. There are two different tours, a short and a long tour, which are both actually rather short and easy, it's a sort of beginners cave. To reach the cave requires a one-hour hike from Felsőtárkány, it's also possible to get there by a 20 m bicycle ride. The tours are offered through the BNPI website, but seem to be temporarily closed due to Covid-19. We suggest to contact Gergely Ferenczy for more details.

The short tour is a semi-wild tour and requires only walking shoes and walking clothes plus helmet and headlamp. The long tours are real caving tours, although they are not difficult, so they require full caving gear. The basic equipment, overalls, helmet, and lamp, are provided by the BNPI. We suggest to bring gumboots or walking shoes, fleece underwear, a towel, clothes to change, and a plastic bag for the dirty clothes. A bottle of water and a snack are also a good idea.