Králova jeskynĕ

Useful Information

Location: On hill Kvetnice near the village Tišnov, 25 km northwestt of Brno.
(49.361112, 16.415111)
Open: During the mineral fair weekend twice a year. In general first May and first November weekend. [2007]
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=1,241 m, VR=53 m.
Guided tours:  
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Králova jeskyně, vrch Květnice, 666 01 Tišnov.
Turistické informační centrum Tišnov, nám. Míru 120, 666 01 Tišnov, Tel: +420-549-410-211. E-mail:
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28-MAY-1972 discovered.
1974 additional passages discovered.
1976 start of the access tunnel.
1977 access tunnel completed.
1984 more passages with fine speleothems discovered.
1989 two huge chambers discovered.


Králova jeskynĕ (King's Cave) is not a show cave, but it is developed and lighted with a generator. Twice a year, during the international mineral market at the nearby village Tišnov, the cave is opened for the public.

The cave was discovered accidentally by a dachshund hunting a fox. It was named after the honorary citizen of Tišnov, Alois Král, who discovered the ShowcaveDemänovská Jaskyna Slobody in Slovakia in 1921. The first survey resulted in a length of 350 m, developed in numerous narrow passages with nooks and crannies. The cave has two levels, the upper level lies about 10 m below the surface and is heavily decorated. The lower level is less decorated. An artificial tunnel gives access to the upper level of the cave.

Beneath numerous stalactites and stalagmites, the cave has two pools which are covered by calcite crystals. Both have a size of about 5 m². The passage named Dobišar's cave, which was discovered in 1984, has the most beautiful speleothems, including 160 cm long straws. And the discovery of the year 1989 were two huge chambers, Hrozivý dóm (Sinister Cathedral), 20 m long and 14 m wide, and Tišnov Cathedral which is 35 m long and 18 m wide.

This is not a show cave, and it is only open to visitors twice a year. On the first May and November weekend, a famous and international mineral fair takes place at the Sokol gymnasium in Tišnov. This fair is very famous, and developed because of the rich mineral discoveries in the area. At the weekend of the fair, the cave is lighted with a generator and open for the public. It is not very difficult, only a part of the horizontal upper level is shown, but as the cave is sometimes narrow and low we recommend old clothes, good shoes, and a helmet if you have. It's always advisable to bring your own torch.

This cave belongs to the Tišnovský kras (Tišnov karst) which covers the three hills Kvĕtnice, Dřínová, and Tábory. The three hills consist of the same Devonian limestone, which was divided into three hills by the erosion of the rivers Svratka and Besének. This area is rather small, and does not show most of the common features of a karst area, there are no sinkholes, blind valleys, or daylight shafts. But there are several caves and a karren field.