Jeffrey's Hole

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Location: 42 South Rd, Smiths, Bermuda.
(32.3106522, -64.7245982)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologySea Cave
Light: bring torch
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
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1620s fist slaves come to Bermuda who were indentured.
1834 slavery abolished.
2001 Bermuda Department of Tourism and the international body African Diaspora create the trail.


Jeffrey's Hole or Jeffrey's Cave is located at Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, at the foot of Portuguese Rock. The small sea cave was named after the slave Jeffrey who escaped his master and hid there for over a month. This was during Bermuda's slavery period, which began in the 1620s, when the first slaves were brought to Bermuda. Initially it was not the slavery we think about, it was indentured or debt bonded contract labor, many immigrants worked under seven years of bond, even English settlers, to repay the administrators for the cost of their transport. Actual slavery was when the terms of indenture for the Blacks was raised to 99 years, to discourage them to come to the island. Many used all opportunities to escape or rebel, but this was quite difficult because bermuda was a small island far from any land. Running away and hiding in a sea cave was quite common, nevertheless futile.

Jeffrey hid in this cave for over a month, but finally he was re-captured. After several days of search, the search operation was abandoned, as it was concluded that he would have boarded a ship and escaped from the island. Then the master noticed strange behavior of a young slave girl of 15 years age who worked at his house. Every day after sunset she disappeared with a small packet. He followed her along the rocky south shore and the next day he returned with a friend and found Jeffrey hiding in a well concealed cave.

The cave is not of speleological interest, but it is part of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail.