Tumbling Rock Cave

Useful Information

Location: North of Scottsboro. Rd 21 north, then continue on Rd 470. When it meets Rd 33 turn left, after 3.1 mi turn left on Rd 111. After 3.3 mi park at end of road.
Open: All year Sat, Sun.
By reservation only.
Fee: Depends on the operator.
A small donation for the SCCi is expected (Adults USD 10).
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: none, full caving gear required
Dimension: L=9.691 m, VR=138 m.
Guided tours: yes
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: John T Dolberry Tumbling Rock Cave Preserve, E-mail: contact
Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc., PO Box 250, Signal Mountain TN 37377, Tel: +1-423-771-9671. E-mail: contact
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01-JAN-2008 managed by the SCCi.


Tumbling Rock Cave is one of the biggest caves in Alabama and one of the most popular wild caves. There are numerous groups and operators, outdoor clubs and caving clubs offering cave trekking tours to this cave. The cave is managed by the Southeastern Cave Conservancy (SCCi), a member of the NSS. Their members have committed enormous amounts of money and time to protect caves. One project is the acquisition of Tumbling Rock Cave by means of a lease/purchase agreement. A small donation is expected from every visitor, which is used to pay the lease and protect the cave. The SCCi is a non-profit corporation.

The Tumbling Rock Cave is a wild cave, there are no human alterations or developments. The trips are true caving, or better cave trekking, trips. The SCCi has set up various rules for visits, which include the general caving safety basics, the cave protection rules, and in the last time the special rules for the white-nose syndrome. Visitors who visited northeastern caves are not allowed in the cave unless they have cleaned and disinfected their whole equipment and clothes,