Grotte Cussac

Cave of Cussac

Useful Information

Location: Dordogne Valley.
Open: not accessible
Fee: not accessible
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave ArchaeologyPainted Cave
Light: none
Guided tours: not accessible
Bibliography: New Cave Art Site in France, NSS News, January 2002, p. 30.
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SEP-2000 discovered by Marc Delluc.
JUL-2001 discovery published.


The Grotte Cussac is the youngest of several new discovered prehistoric caves. In this cave more than 100 engravings were discovered until now, complete or partial figures of mammoths, rhinoceros, cervids, bisons, and horses. Several rare or unique engravings give the discovery an additional importance: birds, female silhuettes, sexual representations, and strange figures with open mouths and long muzzles, probably imaginary animals or shamans.

Beneath the engravings, the cave also contains archaeological remains, including at least one complete skeleton.