Cova dels Coloms

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Cova des Coloms, Mallorca, Spain. Public Domain.
Cova des Coloms, Mallorca, Spain. Public Domain.
Location: Cala Varques, Mallorca. Coastal road PMV-4015 between Cala Anguila-Cala Mendia and Cales de Mallorca. Footwalk from Cala Varques parking lot 1.3 km.
(39.501031, 3.301896)
Open: Experience Mallorca: MAR to NOV daily, online booking 3 days in advance required.
Svetlana Mallorca: All year Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun 9.
Fee: Experience Mallorca: Per Person EUR 59.90.
Svetlana Mallorca: Per Person EUR 65.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch.
Guided tours: Experience Mallorca: D=6 h.
Svetlana Mallorca: D=3 h.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Experience Mallorca, Avenida son noguera 7 local 2, llucmajor, Mallorca 07609, Tel: +34-687-358-922. E-mail:
Svetlana Mallorcarus s.l., Calle Serrá, 219, 07670 Porto Colom, Mallorca, Tel: +34-645-899-673, Tel: +34-638-455-158. E-mail:
Mar y Roc Mallorca Wandern, Apdo. Correos 56, 07150 Andratx, Illes Balears, Cell: +34-680-322-171, Tel: +34-971-940-941 (after 20), Fax: +34-971-570-800 E-mail:
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2013 cave trekking tours by Munverpro.


Cova des Coloms, Mallorca, Spain. Public Domain.
Cova des Coloms, Mallorca, Spain. Public Domain.

The Cova des Coloms (Cave of the Pigeons) is a wild cave on Mallorca. Do not mix it up, there is a cave of the same name on Menorca too. The cave is water filled and has a connection to the sea, so the water inside the cave is both sweet water and sea water. Actually this is a characteristic thing for caves on Mallorca due to to karstified limestone reaching the sea. The mixing of sweet water and salt water creates solubility which enlarges the caves, a cave forming process which was scientifically explored only for the last 20 or 30 years. So this cave is quite unique, as it is one of the few caves on Earth where you can actually swim in the brackish water. Nevertheless, it is not a sea cave, which is written on numerous pages, its a karst cave.

Nearby Cueva del Drac also has such brackish water but it is a show cave and the water is only used for floating a boat with musicians. The water and the high salt content in Mallorcan caves was first described by ExplainE.A. Martel. He arrived early September 1896, after an invitation of Archduke Ludwig Salvator, who lived in Miramar.

The Cova des Coloms is located at the sea. The tour starts with the pick off at the hotel, the drive to the Cala Varques parking lot, and a 50 minutes walk to the cave. On the way you can see CaveCova Cala Varques, a collapsed cave which now forms a spectacular natural bridge. Above the the cave entrance of Cova des Coloms the participants abseil the cliff face to the sea and swim to the cave entrance. The entrance is submerged and it is necessary to swim under water into the cave. Inside there is more swimming until the ground raises becomes dry. The next part is a fossil cave with numerous speleothems and some walking and climbing. Finally the cave is left through a second entrance. Then you treturn the same way until you are dropped off at your hotel. This is a full day tour which takes about six hours. The cave tour is about one hour long.

This rather extreme tour requires some physical fitness, and is definitely not for every one. But if you are young, healthy, fit, a good swimmer and have no fear of heights or narrow spaces this is probably the most spectacular tour the island has to offer. The tours require a neoprene suit, helmet, water tight headlamps, gloves, appropriate shoes. Bring clothes to change and a towel. The tours were started around 2013 by an extreme sports operator named Munverpro. However, the operator was not successful and closed several years ago. Currently the tours are offered by Experience Mallorca [2021]. The tours offered by Svetlana Mallorca are shorter but more expensive, because they use speed boats to reach the cave entrance. Another operator is Mar y Roc, which are specialized on tours in German. They also offer tours into dry caves nearby. The tour operator may change, especially because of COVID-19, but this are tourist venues and you should simply ask at your hotel to get leaflets with current information.