Corfu Cave Tour

Useful Information

Location: Paleokastritsa beach, Corfu
Open: During tourist season, daily.
Fee: Adults EUR 10.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave. Speleologysea cave
Light: n/a
Guided tours: D=40 min.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
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Sea caves near Paleokastritsa beach, Corfu, Greece. Public Domain.

The caves of the coastline near Paleokastritsa beach, formed both by karstic processes and erosion by the sea, can be visited on a short boat trip starting continuously all day from the beach. The local men with their small boats generally speak English and German. There is no shadow on the boat and the sun on the water is more intensive than on land, so we recommend a hat and sun protection for the trip.

One of the caves is called Nausica Cave, named after the daughter of the King of the Phaeacians. According to Homer she found Odysseus and nursed him back to health. Another cave is called Blue Eye due to a patch of incredibly blue water which resembles an eye. Other sights on the trip are the Monastery of Panagia Theotokos, Bella Vista hill with the remains of a 12th century fort, and Monkey Face Hill.