Useful Information

Location: Tennengebirge.
Cave Cadastre No.: 1511/1
Open: MAY-FEB, weather depending, after appointment.
Fee: yes
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Speleologyriver cave
Light: Carbide lamps provided by the guide. Or bring electric headlamps.
Dimension: T=10-12 °C.
Guided tours:
Address: Herbert Burian, Geprüfter Höhlenführer (Certified Cave Guide), Markt 19, A-5450 Werfen, Tel/Fax: +43-6468-7554. E-mail: contact
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This cave is located comfortably in the valley. The Bruneckerhöhle is a river cave and visits are only possible at times of low rainfall. Good weather is essential for any visit, and so all tours may be cancelled when the weather changes. The big danger is, that visitors are trapped in the cave by rising water and may drown.

The cave has long passages with low ceiling and some climbs. The visit it strenuous and only suitable to adults. Participants should bring rubber boots, working gloves, old clothes, Schlaz (caving overall).

Update 2014: This semi-wild cave trip was offered by the certified cave guide Herbert Burian in 2010. We cound not find any traces of him on the web now. If he discontinued the tours it is not possible to visit this cave any more. This cave is too dangerous to go in without competent guide.