Cave Spring

Useful Information

Location: Current River, mile 20, left side, Shannon County, Missouri
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: bring torch
Dimension: Yavg=1,345 l/s.
Guided tours:
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Cave Spring is a cave portal at Current River, which is also the resurgence of a cave river. The Current River is very popular for canoeing and so the cave is used as a fishing, picnicking and canoe rest spot. The cave portal is only a few meters from the Current River, and it is easy to paddle into the cave. The cave is rather short and ends at a 42 m deep siphon. There is no light or cave gear necessary, just a canoe.

That fact that there are many fish was obviously known to the native Americans. During an underwater survey, a native American dugout canoe was discovered on the bottom of the spring.

Cave Spring is owned by the private L-A-D Foundation, a private conservation group. Public access from the river by canoers is allowed, cave diving not. Actually the spring is very dangerous for divers because of its depth. There is no road or trail to the cave, it is only accessible on the river.

The rechargement area lies to the north, Devil's Well and Wallace Well are both connected to this spring.