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1125 mines are listed on on 12-JUL-2024 13:05


Argentina3 entries

Armenia1 entry

Australia54 entries

Austria45 entries

Belarus1 entry

Belgium14 entries

Bolivia2 entries

Brazil19 entries

Bulgaria3 entries

Canada25 entries

Chile3 entries

China4 entries

Colombia3 entries

Costa Rica4 entries

Croatia1 entry

Cuba1 entry

Cyprus1 entry

Czech Republic19 entries

Denmark4 entries

Dominican Republic1 entry

Estonia2 entries

Eswatini1 entry

Faroe Islands1 entry

Finland5 entries

France101 entries

Germany217 entries

Great Britain76 entries

Greece1 entry

Hungary9 entries

India3 entries

Indonesia1 entry

Ireland2 entries

Israel1 entry

Italy69 entries

Japan21 entries

Latvia1 entry

Luxembourg7 entries

Malaysia2 entries

Mauritania1 entry

México8 entries

Middle-Earth1 entry

Myanmar4 entries

Namibia1 entry

Netherlands3 entries

New Caledonia1 entry

New Zealand9 entries

Norway27 entries

Pakistan1 entry

Poland22 entries

Portugal6 entries

Romania9 entries

Russia4 entries

Serbia1 entry

Slovakia22 entries

Slovenia3 entries

South Africa10 entries

South Korea7 entries

Spain25 entries

Sri Lanka1 entry

Sweden48 entries

Switzerland21 entries

Thailand2 entries

The Philippines2 entries

Tunisia1 entry

Turkey2 entries

Ukraine3 entries

United States of America151 entries

Zambia1 entry