Salzwelten Salzburg

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Location: Salzburg-Bad Dürrnberg, near Hallein. A 10 Tauernautobahn exit Hallein.
Open: JAN to MAR daily 11-15, Wed 19.
APR to OCT daily 9-17, Wed 19.
NOV to DEC daily 11 to 15, Wed 19.
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Fee: Adults EUR 15.50, Children (7-15) EUR 9.30, Children (4-6) EUR 7.75, Students EUR 9.30, Family (2+1) EUR 32.55, Parent-and-child (1+1) EUR 21.70, Seniors (65+) EUR 13.95. Groups (20+): Adults EUR 13.95, Children (4-19) EUR 9.30. [2007]
Classification: MineSalt Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=90 min, L=1,000 m.
Bibliography: Gerhard Mayrhofer (1998): Die touristische Nutzung der österreichischen Salzbergwerke. Die Standorte Hallstatt, Hallein, Altaussee und Bad Ischl im Vergleich, Diplomarb. Univ. Salzburg 1998. 120 Bl. (maschinschr.)
Address: Salzwelten Salzburg/Bad Dürrnberg, Ramsaustraße 3, A-5422 Bad Dürrnberg, Tel: +43-6245-83511-15 or +43-6245-83511-22.
Salinen Tourismus GmbH, Salzbergstraße 21, A-4830 Hallstatt, Tel: +43-6132-200-2400, Fax: +43-6132-200-4400. E-mail: contact
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1607 first guided tours of the mine during the reign of Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau (*1559-✝1617).


Salzwelten Salzburg (Salt Worlds Salzburg) is an artificial name the marketing concept of the owner. Originally the mine was named Salzbergwerk Dürrnberg (Dürrnberg Salt Mine). As Dürrnberg belongs to Hallein, it was also called Salzbergwerk Hallein. Hallein is located south of picturesque Salzburg, a city which is connected with salt mining in many ways. Even the name is derived form the Celtic word hal which means salt. Mined since Celtic times, probably for 7,000 years, this one of the oldest mines of the world. Located at Bad Dürrnberg, which is a suburb of Hallein, up the mountain side to the west, with a nice view towards Salzburg, is the location of the salt mine.

Famous for decades, the show mine is today is completed by various other attractions in the close surroundings, all connected by the history of the salt mining. This whole ensemble is called Salzwelten Salzburg (World of Salt Salzburg). It includes beneath the mine the Keltenmuseum (Celtic Museum) at Hallein, the Via Salis, various changing exhibitions and cultural events like concerts and plays all over the year. The Via Salis is a walking trail with 24 stations with relation to the salt. The round course is about 2 hours walk. The visit to the Celtic Museum is included in the entrance fee of the salt mine. There are combinations tickets from Salzburg including train ride to the mine and mine fee.

The salt mine tour starts at Dürrnberg. Visitors enter the mine on a 400 m long mine train ride. The tour shows a huge lake of salt water, which is crossed on wooden boats, two wooden slides which were used by the miners to change levels very fast, and numerous underground art exhibitions.