Pine Mountain Gold Museum

Stockmar Gold Mine

Useful Information

Location: Villa Rica, south of Stockmar airfield.
Open: All year Mon-Sat 10-16.
Fee: Adults USD 5, Children (5-12) USD 4, Children (0-4) free, Seniors (55+) USD 4.
Classification: MineGold Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Pine Mountain Gold Museum, 1881 Stockmar Road, Villa Rica, Georgia 30180, Tel: +1-770-459-8455. E-mail: contact
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1826 first gold rush, mine opened.
2008 Pine Mountain Gold Museum opened.



Pine Mountain Gold Museum is located at the Stockmar Gold Mine, right south of Stockmar airfield in Villa Rica. The mine was actually the earliest gold mine in Georgia opened in 1826, and as such the place of the earliest gold rush in Georgia, is the official statement of the museum. This statement caused some disturbance in 2009 when a reporter of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution asked nearby Dahlonega officials about their claim. MineDahlonega Courthouse Gold Museum and MineConsolidated Gold Mines are the basment of a flourish tourist industry based on the claim to be the place of the first gold rush in the U.S.A. in 1828. So the main problem is: the 1826 claim of Pine Mountain invalidates their main line of argumentation and as such the base of their economic welldoing. As a result the article soon became a sort of war zone. Dahlonega officials refuted Villa Rica's claim, actually saying Villa Rica officials have lied. They hav documents, which were recently used for the inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

We on do not know who is right. We find this situation weird and somehow funny, actually a sort of high level penis length comparison going on. Both sites seem to be interesting, and as a matter of fact they differ extremely. While Dahlonega is well developed and of some interest, definitely a good show but not cheap, is the Stockmar Gold Mine somewhat unimposing, the museum friendly but small, and the whole visit much cheaper. We can not say whats more interesting to visit, and guess it may give a better understanding of the early gold rush era in Georgia if you visit both. They are just 150 kilometers apart.