Folldal Gamle Gruver

Folldal Mines - Mining and Industrial Museum

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Location: Folldal. From Oslo E6 North, turn right on Rv 3, turn left on Rv 29. At the crossing Rv 29 and Rv 27.
Open: 26-JUN to 21-AUG Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat, Sun 10-17. [2005]
Fee: Adults NOK 60, Children (6-12) NOK 30. [2005]
Classification: MineCopper Mine MineZinc Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Stiftelsen Folldal Gruver, N-2580 Folldal, Tel: +47-62-490505, Fax: +47-62-490535. E-mail: contact
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1747 Ole Husom discovered ore.
1748 mining at Folldal started.
1906 Folldal Gamle Gruver reopened.
1941 Folldal Gamle Gruver closed.
1993 mining ended.


The show mine is only one of numerous mines around Folldal, called Folldal Gamle Gruver or Folldal Verk. The village Folldal was built as a result of the mining, which drew workers into the rural area. Most of the building, about 60 of which are open for inspection, were built around 1906, when the mine was reopened. At this time the people lived very crowded.

The mine tour into Folldal Gamle Gruver is done by train. 600 m inside the mine is a huge chamber called Wormshall, which is also used for concerts and parties for up to 100 guests. The natural temperature is rather comfortable.

The whole area is of great geologic interest, there are also many signs of the last ice age. Also there are many natural beauties, which are protected in the Rondane Nasjonalpark.