Mines de Hussigny-Godbrange

Musée de la mine de fer d'Hussigny-Godbrange

Useful Information

Location: Hussigny-Godbrange.
(49.497573, 5.871132)
Open: On certain weekends, only with appointment, please call.
MAY to DEC certain Sat 10, 14:30.
Fee: Adults EUR 10, Children (0-12) EUR 8.
Classification: MineIron Mine ExplainRoom and Pillar Mining
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=2 h.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: A.H.I Mairie de Hussigny, 1 rue Foch, 54590 Hussigny, Tel: +33-636-83-44-80, Tel: +33-382-44-40-16. E-mail:
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1874 Labbe des Forges de Gorcy receives a concession to mine Hussigny, and decides to mine underground.
1878 opening of the railway line Longwy-Villerupt.
1878 The great Godbrange concession is granted to a group of master blacksmiths.
1880 mining started.
1905 first strike of the industrial era in the Longwy basin.
~1914 introduction of compressed air.
1935 Côte Rouge open pit mine closed.
1954 Hussigny mine closed.
1955 consolidated operation of the mines Godbrange, Hussigny, and Tiercelet under a single management.
1967 open pit mining at Hussigny ends.
1969 first crisis hits the mine.
1978 mine closed.
1986 pumps turned off, mine partly flooded.
1996 Association d'Histoire Industrielle (AHI) restores the mine.
1999 guided tours started.


The mining followed an almost horizontal ore body, which was estimated 10 million tonnes of ore, grading at least 33%. It is surrounded by limestone and siliceous limestone. The operation used the room and pillar method, on an area 1,000 m x 750 m parallel passages, 8 m wide and 7 m high, were mined.


The Mines de Hussigny-Godbrange are abandoned iron mines, which are kept in a safe state. They are maintained as a mining museum, but it seems the number of visitor is not sufficient to allow regular open hours. So the mine is opened on certain weekends in spring and autumn. Participants must register, the number of visitors is limited to 20 per tour. This mine is in its original state, so bring warm clothes, which may get dirty and sturdy shoes. The helmet with miners headlamp is provided by the organizers.

The ore was transported with heavy machinery, and during the decades the size of the machines increased. The museum has all kinds of machinery in working condition on the site, and it is possible to show how they work. The mine is entered by car, and starts with a ride to the mining front. This shows the size of this mine.