Morefield Gem Mine

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Open: 26-MAR to 20-JUN Tue-Fri after appointment, Sat 9:30-16:30.
21-JUN to 31-AUG Tue-Sat 9:30-16:30.
01-SEP to 12-SEP closed.
13-SEP to 26-NOV Tue-Fri after appointment, Sat 9:30-16:30.
Closed on 24-NOV, 25-NOV. [2005]
Fee: Adults USD 10. Groups (20+): Adults USD 8, High School USD 8, Elementary School USD 7. [2004]
Classification: MineGem Mine
Light: electric.
Guided tours:  
Address: Morefield Gem Mine, Sam and Sharon Dunaway, 13400 Butlers Road, Amelia, Virginia 23002, Tel: +1-804-561-3399 Fax: +1-804-561-4799.
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1929 Morefield Mine opened by Silas V. Morefield.
1996 bought by Sam and Sharon Dunaway.


Morefield Gem Mine is located in Amelia County, Virginia. This area has two highly materialized pegmatite veins, mined in the Rutherford and the Morefield Mines. They cntain 80 or more different mineral varieties. The mine has abundant microcrystals for collectors specialized in micromounting.

The Morefield Mine produced many minerals of commercial importance. Typical are Mica, Feldspar, Beryl, Phenakite, and minerals of the Tantalum/Columbite series. It is the best of only three localities in the United States for Amazonite.