Toburn Mine

Useful Information

Location: Kirkland Lake
Open: No restrictions.
Fee: Free.
Classification: MineGold Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Toburn Mine, Michael Leahy, Toburn Operating Authority, P.O. Box 148, Swastika, ON, P0K 1T0, Tel: +1-705-642-1982, Fax: +1-705-642-1982.
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1913 start of commercial production.
1931 new and larger mill opened.
1953 mill and mine closed.
2006 Northern Prospectors Association planned to aquire the headframe.
2008 acquired by the Town of Kirkland Lake and Toburn Operating Authority created.
03-JUL-2009 headframe and four other buildings opened to the public.



Toburn Mine was a gold mine at Kirkland Lake, Ontario, which operated from 1913 to 1953. The wooden headframe, characteristically painted in red, is still existing and is now the last remaining original headframe on this goldfield called the "Mile of Gold".

The mine was opened in 1913, together with a 90-t/d stamp mill. In 1931 the Toburn Gold Mines Ltd. was incorporated and installed a larger mill. The new mill and the headframe were operated until the mine closed in 1953. During 40 years of operation a total of 1.1 million tonnes of ore was produced, with a gold content of 17.0 g/t.

The mining at Toburn Mine ended in 1953. The mine was closed and the property reverted to the Crown. To protect the impressive headframe, the Northern Prospectors Association decided in 2006 to buy it and restore it. They received funds from public institutions and donations from individuals. It seems they started to restore the headframe but where not able to buy the property. It was aquired in 2008 by the Town of Kirkland Lake and is now operated by the new founded Toburn Operating Authority. They plan to make it tourist destination which explains the gold mining heritage of the area. In 03-JUL-2009 the headframe and four other buildings were opened to the public. The mine site also has outdoor displays including mining equipment and large rock specimens with interpretive signage.