Besucherbergwerk Grube Catharina Neufang

Useful Information

Location: Sankt Andreasberg.
A7 exit Seesen, B243 to Herzberg am Harz, turn left to St. Andreasberg.
(51°42'50.21"N, 10°30'49.05"E)
Open: All year Mon-Sat 13:45. [2007]
Fee: Adults EUR 2.25, Children EUR 1.50. [2007]
Classification: MineSilver Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=75 m, T=28 m.
Guided tours:
Address: Jochen Klähn, Am Samson, Tel: +49-5582-1249, Fax: +49-5582-923051. E-mail: contact
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1575 first written account.
1662 first mining reports.
1765 aquired by the government, united with Grube Samson als Vereinigte Gruben Samson weitergeführt.
1892 Neufanger Hangender Gang discovered.
1988 first proposal to add Grube Catharina Neufang to the show mine Grube Samson.
1990 show mine in Grube Catharina Neufang opened.



The mine is entered through the Neufanger Tagesstollen. This is the youngest part of the mine, and was used when most of the old mine was already closed and filled in. Originally this was a neighbouring mine to Grube Samson. But when both were owned by the governmnet, they were united. In the 20th century the Grube Samson was transformed into a show mine, and when the idea arose to create a show mine in this mine two,the first idea was to combine them. However, this is now a second show mine, guided by staff from the Grube Samson.