Förder- und Aussichtsturm Barbaraturm

Useful Information

Location: Auf der Steineberger Höhe, 57629 Malberg.
On the road between Malberg and Steinebach/Sieg.
(50.721110, 7.822840)
Open: no restrictions.
Fee: free.
Classification: SubterraneaMining Museum
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: no
Address: Verbandsgemeinde Betzdorf-Gebhardshain, Hellerstraße 2, 57518 Betzdorf, Tel: +49-2741-291-118. E-mail:
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1999 headframe in Bad Grund in the Harz disassembled.
2013 headframe erected.
17-MAY-2014 headframe opened to the public and christened the Barbara Tower.


At first glance, the Förder- und Aussichtsturm Barbaraturm (Barbaraturm headframe and observation tower) appears to be a show mine, but this is not correct. In fact, it is a winding tower from the Harz Mountains, and it was rebuilt 500 m from the historic site of the winding tower of the Bindweide mine. The tower serves as a lookout tower and a resting place for hikers, and is freely accessible. It is not a mining museum either, but the winding tower itself is a technical monument and an educational sign in the building at the foot explains the background. Inside the tower, the elevator has also been reconstructed, as well as a cable drum which indicates the position of the winding engine.

The Bindweide mine had the Tiefer Stollen (Deep Tunnel), which is now a show mine, leading horizontally into the mountain. However, after the Krupp company took over the Bindweide mine in 1872, mining was carried out at greater depths. For this purpose, a shaft was sunk and a winding tower of the ExplainMalakowturm type was erected on top of it, called Schacht I (Shaft I). In 1905/1906, Schacht II (Shaft II) was sunk, and this time a steel winding tower was erected, which was very similar to the Barbara Tower. Both were demolished, and so this lookout tower is a kind of monument to local mining history.