Museo Minerario di Abbadia San Salvatore

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Location: Piazza Renato Rossaro, Abbadia San Salvatore
Open: All year daily 9-13:30, 15-20:30.
Fee: Adults EUR 6, Children (0-12) EUR 5.
Groups (10+): Adults EUR 5.
Classification: MineMercury Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Consorzio Terre Di Toscana, Piazza Renato Rossaro 2, 53021 Abbadia San Salvatore (SI), Tel: 0577-778324, Fax: 0577-775221. E-mail: contact
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2000 museum opened to the public.



The Museo Minerario di Abbadia San Salvatore (Mineral Museum of Abbadia San Salvatore) is dedicated to the mining of cinnabar, the main ore for the production of mercury. The collection has five section, the geology, the Amiata mining area, the mining history, the work, and the daily life of the miners.

A central part of the exhibition is the mineral collection of the geologist Ugo Crida (*13-MAY-1872 Mongrando (Vercelli)-✝15-JAN-1954). He was director of the miniera di Cortevecchia from 1906 to its closure in 1911. 1911 to 1915 he was director of the miniera del Cerro del Tasca. Then from 1915 for a short time he was director of the mineral spas of San Filippo. All his life he collected minerals, many were given to him during his work life, but he also visited many mines abroad. His collection of some 350 minerals was purchased by the museum.