Подземный музей

Dekor 1 Gypsum Mine - Underground Museum of Mining, Geology and Speleology

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Location: Peshelan, Nizhny Novgorod Region
Open: Only after appointment for groups.
Classification: MineGypsum Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: 607264 Арзамасский р-н, Нижегородская обл., п. Пешелань
Décor-1 Peshelansky Gypsum Works, 607264 Arzamas district, Nizhniy Novgorod region, Peshelan E-mail: contact
Décor-1 Peshelansky Gypsum Works, excursions division, Tel: +7-83147-55281. E-mail: contact
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1933 begin of gypsum mining.
19-APR-2006 museum opened to the public.
2007 museum expanded.
2010 dinosaur exhibition opened.


The official name of this site is Подземный музей горнорудного дела, геологии и спелеологии (Underground Museum of Mining, Geology and Speleology). This name is far too long so most sites simply call it Underground Museum. It is located 70 m below the ground in an abandoned part of a still working gypsum mine called ООО ПГЗ «Декор-1» (EGS Ltd. "Decor-1").

This area is very rich in gypsum deposits, which are mined since the 1930s. The museum explains how those deposits formed, how they are mined, and how the gypsum is processed to plaster. One chamber contains the geologic exhibition, whith some 300 mineral samples mined in Russia and adjacent countries. Another part of the exhibition is an underground lake with an artificial waterfall. Then there are exhibitions on the caves in the Ural and Caucasus mountains.

A second part of the museum is rather weird. It contains artworks made of gypsum or plaster, and sculptures of dinosaurs in different sizes. The bigger sculpures are made of plasic and very colourful. Then there are sculptures of ghouls, skeletons, zombies and other similar stuff. The whole exhibition is rather strange, but the management tells the dinosaurs were made after paleontological research, most of them in full size.

As this museum is part of a working mine, and although the mining is going on 2.5 km away, the visitors are equipped with mining gear. They get rubber boots, helmet and head lamp, and a special jacket. It is a good idea to take warm socks with you for the boots and try to get a helmet with functioning head lamp mount. The visit is not allowed for children under 14.