Musée de la Mine à Joseph-Else

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Location: Wittelsheim
Classification: MineSalt Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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Address: Association de Sauvegarde et de Valorisation du Patrimoine du Bassin des Mines de Potasse d'Alsace, 11 rue de Haguenau, 68310 Wittelsheim, Tel: +33-389-551327. E-mail: contact
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The basin at the southern end of the Alsace contains the biggest deposit of potash in France. Potash is a salt, potassium carbonate, which is mined since antiquity and needed for the manufacture of glass, soap, and fertilizer. Very important is it for agriculture because it improves water retention, yield, nutrient value, taste, colour, texture and disease resistance of food crops.


The Musée de la Mine à Joseph-Else (Mining Museum at the Joseph-Else Mine) is operated by the non profit organization Kalives, visits are possible only after appointment. The premises of the abandoned mine are preserved and renovated by Kalives and then presented to the public. Le Vestiaire (cloakroom) is also called salle des pendus (hanging room) because the miners were hanging their clothes on long chains and pulled them up to the ceiling of the high chamber. Other rooms in this building are used for the mineral exhibition of the museum.