Музей по рудодобив и минно дело

Muzeĭ po rudodobiv i minno delo - Madan Museum of Ore Mining and Mining Industry

Useful Information

Location: Madan.
Open: closed for renovation.
Fee: closed for renovation.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Madan Museum of Ore Mining and Mining Industry.
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1957 mining museum opened to the public.
1984 mineral exhibition opened to the public.


Музей по минно дело и рудодобив (Madan Museum of Ore Mining and Mining Industry) was opened in 1957. It shows the history of mining in the Madan region. The central exhibition is the (Rhodope Crystal Crystal Hall), which is a spectacular mineral collection with 581 mineral specimens.

In the city Мадан (Madan) exists a very long mining history, the first mines were operated in Sharenka Cave during the Bronze Age. It also had a mining museum which is dedicated to this long history. After the museum was neglected for decades, it was closed at least ten years ago. Finally, the exhibits were moved to the tourist information center in the city. In 2019 a project started to renovate and to revive the cave, the museum, and the mineral exhibition, and to create a show mine. Сполука (Spoluka) is the new show mine, the highlight is an electrical mine train. As far as we know the project still exists, but obviously Corona with the collapse of all tourism was not very helpful.