Minas de Arditurri

Useful Information

Location: Oiartzun, Aiako Harria Massif.
Open: Interpretation Centre:
JUL to 18-SEP Tue-Sat 10-14, 16-18, Sun, Hol 10-14.
19-SEP to JUN Tue-Fri 10-14, Sat 10-14, 16-18, Sun, Hol 10-14.
Standard Tour:
JUL to 18-SEP Tue-Sat 11, 13, 17, Sun, Hol 11, 13.
19-SEP to JUN Tue-Fri 10, 11, 12, 13, Sat 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, Sun, Hol 10, 11, 12, 13.
Adventure Tour:
Closed for refurbishing.
Green Tour:
All year Wed, Thu 10:15.
Fee: Standard Tour:
Adults EUR 5, Children (5-12) EUR 3, Children (0-4) free, Seniors (65+) 3.
Groups (10+): Adults EUR 3.
Adventure Tour:
Adults EUR 7, Children (5-12) EUR 6, Children (0-4) free, Seniors (65+) 6.
Groups (10+): Adults EUR 6.
Green Tour:
Adults EUR 13, Children (5-12) EUR 9, Children (0-4) free, Seniors (65+) 9.
Groups (10+): Adults EUR 9.
Classification: MineIron Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: Standard Tour: D=60 min, L=180 m.
Adventure Tour: D=75min
Green Tour: D=4:15h
Address: Minas de Arditurri, Arditurri Mine Land, Arditurri bidea 3, 20180 Oiartzun, Tel: +34-943-494521, Fax: +34-, E-mail: contact
Oarsoaldea Regional Tourist Office, Donibane 11, 20180 Oiartzun (Gipuzkoa), Tel: +34-943-494521, Fax: +34-943-494614. E-mail: contact
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~0 begin of mining by Romans.
1984 mine closed.
2004 reopened as show mine.



The Mineras de Arditurri (Arditurri Mines) are located in the Aiako Harria Natural Park. The mines here were founded 2000 years ago by the Romans. They mined for various metals including silver, lead and iron. Since then the mnes have been operated almost continually until they were closed in 1984.

The visitor starts at the Interpretation Centre which is located in the old laboratory building of the Arditurri Mine. It is the ticket office and a museum. On the ground floor is an exhibition about the geology and history of this area. There are archaeological exhibits since Roman times. The flora and fauna of the National Park is also a topic of the exhibition. On the second floor is a mining exhibition showing the change in mining techniques during 2000 years.

The standard tour takes one hour and includes a walk through 180 m of the upper gallery in the Minera Grande. The tour is actually a full multimedia show including light show, sound, narrators and musik. The work of educating the visitors is doen by the comuters, the guides are only tghere to call the ambulance if someone gets an epileptic attack from this light show.

The adventure tour, which is actually called A Journey Full of Adventure, is a classical visit to the mine 600 m of gallery in a lower level are dedicated to the Roman heritage. So actually this is also a museum which happens to be inside a mine.

The green tour is the logest and includes a ride on a mine train. The tour starts at San Esteban's Plaza in Oiartzun and includes the train ride to the mine, the mine visit and the ride back. It also includes a visit to the Luberri (Geological Interpretation Centre) and the Herri Musikaren Txokoa (Center of the Popular Music).