Terra Mystica

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Location: Bleiberg-Nötsch.
Near Villach, at Austrian the border to Italy. A10 exit 172 Villach West, follow Tiroler Straße towards town center, after 1 km turn right, after 800 m turn right onto Bleiberger Straße, 7 km to Bad Bleiberg, 1 km more to Nötsch. A2 exit 364 Hermagor, B111 towards Hermagor, turn right after after 4 km through Nötsch Im Gailtal 5 km to Nötsch.
(46.628806, 13.648817)
Open: Terra Mystica: MAY to JUN daily 11, 13.
JUL to AUG daily 9:30-15.
SEP to OCT daily 11, 13.
NOV to APR Sat 15.
Terra Montana: MAY to JUN daily 15.
JUL to AUG daily 16.
SEP to OCT daily 15.
NOV to APR Sat 15.
Fee: Terra Mystica: Adults EUR 16, Children (4-14) EUR 9, Children (0-4) not allowed, Reduced Adults EUR 13, Reduced Children EUR 7.
Terra Montana: Adults EUR 16, Children (4-14) EUR 9, Children (0-4) not allowed, Reduced Adults EUR 13, Reduced Children EUR 7.
Kombiticket Terra Mystica and Terra Montana: Adults EUR 22, Children (4-14) EUR 11, Children (0-4) not allowed.
Reduced are Students, School Pupils, ARBÖ Members,
Classification: MineLead Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: T=9 °C.
Guided tours:
Address: Terra Mystica, Nötsch 91, 9531 Bleiberg, Tel: +43-4244-2255, Fax: +43-4244-2434. E-mail: contact
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800 BC oldest burial objects made of lead suggest early lead mining.
1333 first written mention as "Pleyperg pey Villach".
1480 early heydays of mining, some mines purchased by the Fugger family from Augsburg, furnace consructed.
1538 more than 500 miners working in the lead mines.
1556 description of Kärntner Verfahren (Carinthian method) by Agricola.
1603 Bleiberg mentioned by Paracelsus.
1717 miners from Bleiberg fight at Belgrade and recieve a flag from Prinz Eugen, the oldest miner's flag of the world.
1759 Maria Theresia buys mines in the area.
1872 Bleiberger Bergwerks Union (BBU) founded.
1902 BBU owns all lead mines in Kärnten.
1925 mining heyday because of after war demands.
1931 mines closed because of worldwide economic crisis.
1932 mining reactivated.
1945 mines closed because of World War II.
1946 BBU socialised.
1951 Thermal water in Grube Rudolf.
1978 Bleiberg builds spa, gets the title Bad.
1987 prices for lead and zinc start to fall.
1989 Terra Mystica opened in Rudolfschacht.
1990 Heilklimastollen "Friedrich" opened.
1993 mining ends.
1994 Terry Mystica closed and moved to Antonischacht.
1995 Terra Mystica reopened.
2002 show mine Terra Montana started.
2005 Terra Montana opened.



The Terra Mystica and Terra Montana are the remains of a world famous lead mining area, which was closed as a result of falling lead prices and exhausted mines. The mining had difficulties since the mid 1980s and the mining company started to develop alternatives. The discovery of thermal water during the mining in one shaft lead to the creation of a spa, the town received the title Bad (spa) in 1978. In 1990 a Heilklimastollen was opened, which is used for curing various illnesses. Finally the mining history itself became a tourist attraction.

Terra Mystica is a sort of mining related theme park, with a numer of scenes showing various histories and stories around mining. There are fairy tales, erotica, art, an underground concert hall, an probably the highlight: a 68 m long slide which was used by the miners to change levels very fast. It is said to be the longest in Europe. Visitors who do not want to slide down may use the stairs or the elevator.