Mecsek Bányászati Múzeum

Mecsek Mining Museum

Useful Information

Location: Pécs, Káptalan utca 3
Open: Exhibition of Underground Mining: APR to OCT Tue-Sun 10-18. NOV to MAR Tue-Sun 10-16.
Museum and Library of Mining History: ALl year Tue-Fri 10-17.
Exhibition of Uranium Ore Mining: All year Tue-Sun 10-18.
Fee: Exhibition of Underground Mining: Adults HUF 500, Children (3-18) HUF , Children (0-3) free, Students HUF , Family (2+2) HUF .
Groups (+): Adults HUF , Children (3-18) HUF .
Museum and Library of Mining History: free.
Exhibition of Uranium Ore Mining: free.
Classification: MineCoal Mine MineUranium Mine SubterraneaReplica Underground Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Address: Mecsek Bányászati Múzeum (Mecsek Mining Museum), Underground exhibition, Káptalan utca 3, 7621 Pécs, Tel: +36-30-218-5659.
Bányatörténeti Múzeum (Museum and Library of Mining History), József Attila u. 5, Pécs.
Uránérc Bányászati Kiállítás (Exhibition of Uranium Ore Mining), Rákóczi u. 54, 7673 Kovágószolos, Tel: +36-72-374-162, Mobile: +36-20-340-8667.
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18th century Joseph II. allowed the village Vasas to open a mine.
1852 geological surveys by the Danube Steamshipping Company.
1977 museum founded.



The Mecsek Bányászati Múzeum (Mecsek Mining Museum) at Pécs was founded in 1977 to preserve the heritage of the area. There are actually three exhibitions which are closely related, all three belong to the Central Mining Museum in Sopron.

The main museum called Földalatti Bányászati Kiállítás (Exhibition of Underground Mining), is located at the Káptalan utca 3. It allows a tour through 400 m of a mining tunnel built 10 m below the centre of Pécs. The mine replica with original mining machinery is completed by a collection of minerals and rocks.

The Bányatörténeti Múzeum (Museum and Library of Mining History) presents historic documents and memorabilia of 250 years of coal mining and 50 years of uranium ore mining. It is also located in Pécs, at the József Attila utca 3.

The last part of the museum is located in Kovágószolos, a western suburb of Pécs, in the former school building of the village. The Uránérc Bányászati Kiállítás (Exhibition of Uranium Ore Mining) is often simply called Bányászati Múzeum (Mining Museum). The museum provides an overview of uranium ore mining in Hungary. The village is a former mining village built on the waste heaps of the uranium mining.