Dalen-Kjørholt Gruve

Dalen-Kjørholt Mine

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Location: Kjørholt, Brevik, Porsgrunn. Busses start at Brevik cinema.
Open: 28-JUN-2005 to 02-AUG-2005 Thu 12. [2005]
Classification: MineLimestone Mine, underground mine.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=2 h.
Address: Norcem AS, Postboks 143 Lilleaker, 0216 Oslo, Tel: +47-2287-8400, Fax: +47-2287-8401. E-mail: contact
Norcem A.S Brevik, 3950 Brevik, Tel: +47-3557-2000, Fax: +47-3557-1747
Dalen-Kjørholt Gruve, Brevik Turistservice, tour prebooking Tel: +47-3556-5179.
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1916 mine opened.


The Dalen-Kjørholt Gruve is the largest underground limestone mine in the world. Even more important is the fact, that it is producing one million tons of top quality limestone, which is processed into cement for the European and world wide markets. However, its fame is based on the calcite minerals found here. Frequent small caves contain abundant varieties of calcite crystals. Common are the rare double terminated crstals. The variety of habits and colour, and the perfection of crystallization are extraordinary.

The cave is operated by Norcem AS, which supports the preservation of significant specimens very strong. Gunnar Jenssen is working for 18 years at the mine, and his job is to collect specimens before they are lost to the mining operation. They are on display at the local mineral museum, supernumerary items are sold. Several crystal lined caverns in the mine are preserved for their intrinsic beauty.

The visits at Brevik are difficult as it is a operating mine. As a compromise Norcem offers some scheduled visits on six Thursday during July, for details see their website. The buses start at Brevik cinema, the number of visitor is restricted to 50 on each tour. Prebooking is recommended.