Solvayovy Lomy

Solvay's quarries

Useful Information

Location: Svatý Jan Pod Skalou, Český Kras.
Southwest of Prague. D5 (E50) from Prague to Pilsen, exit 10 Lodĕnice, about 20 km from Prague. To Bubovice or Svaty Jan pod Skalou. Follow marked paths, yellow or blue from Bubovice, green or red from Svaty Jan.
Open: MAY to AUG Sat 10-17, Sun 10-16.
SEP to OCT Sat 10-16, Sun 10-15.
Fee: Adults CZK 40, Children () CZK 20, Family (2+n) CZK 100.
Groups (20+): per group up to 30 people CZK 1500, per 10 more CZK 500.
Classification: MineLimestone Mine SpeleologyKarst Cave
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=50 m, A=360 m asl, T=8 °C.
Guided tours: L=400 m, ST=5, D=45 min.
Address: Společnost Barbora, Za poštou 13, 10000 Praha 10, Fax: 222623457. E-mail: contact
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1915 purchased by a chemical company.
1918 beginning of limestone mining.
1922-1925 underground mining experiments.
1963 quarries closed.
1996 opened to the public.


Solvayovy Lomy is a closed limestone quarry, which - rather rare for limestone quarries - also included underground mining for limestone. The quarries started in 1918 on the northern side of the hill. The limestone was broken by workers and transported on narrow little gauge wagons to the upper station of a cable car. It was carried downhill by the cable car and then shipped by standard gauge wagons, to the factory in Neštemice.

Today there is an exposition with an open air museum and the visit of the limestone mine. The tour includes a functional narrow-gauge quarry rail track and an engine room.