Koboltgruvene - Cobalt Mine Works - Cobalt Blue Mine

Useful Information

Location: Åmot, near Modum. 7 km from Blaafarveværket and Haugfoss.
Open: 20-MAY to 23-JUN Sat 11-17, Sun 11-18.
18-JUN to 14-AUG Mon-Sun 11-18.
15-AUG to 25-SEP Sat 11-17, Sun 11-18.
Fee: Adults NOK 50, Seniors NOK 40, Children (7-15) NOK 20. [2005]
Classification: MineCobalt Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Blaafarveværket, 3340 Åmot i Modum, Tel: +47-327-86700, Fax: +47-327-78490 E-mail: contact
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1772 cobalt discovered in Skuterudåsen.
1773 works established by royal decree.
1823 Baron W.C. Benneche from Berlin buys the works, co-owner Benjamin Wegner becomes Director at Fossum.
1849 bought by Goodhall & Reeves.
1856 bought by the Sächsischer Blaufarbenwerkverein.
1893 mining ended.
1937 start of restauration by Sigurd Winsnes with funds from the Central Office of Historic Monuments.
1952 sold to a private industry park.
1978 first art exhibition.
1980 Museum of Glass- and Porcelain, Mølla, and The Blue Shop opened.
1993 Cobalt Mines opened to the public.


The Royal Blaafarveværk (Blue Colour Factory) was established to process cobalt ore. Cobalt was used in the production of cobalt blue pigment for the porcelain and glass industry. Blaafarveværket was once the leading factory of coboltblue pigment in the world. It is today a national treasure, a cultural museum with annual art exhibitions, which are among the most important in Scandinavia. The museum is located in pleasant surroundings and offers many attractions.

The mine Koboltgruvene is located nearby on the ridge of Skuterudåsen. It is a huge open cast mine which stretches three kilometers from north to south. But there are also underground tunnels, which may be visited on guided tours. The tour through Forhåpningsstollen and Gode Efterretningers galleries starts at the entrance next to the Gruvekroa café and ends right in the center of the open cast mine.