Museo dei Minerali Elbani "Alfeo Ricci"

"Alfeo Ricci" Museum of Elban Minerals

Useful Information

Location: Capoliveri, town center
Open: APR to JUN daily 9:30-12, 16:30-19:30.
JUL to AUG daily 9:30-12, 16:30-24.
SEP to OCT daily 9:30-12, 16:30-19:30.
Fee: Adults EUR 2.50, Reduced EUR 1.50.
Classification: SubterraneaMining Museum
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: n/a
Accessibility: yes
Address: Museo dei Minerali Elbani "Alfeo Ricci", Via Palestro, 6, 57031 Capoliveri LI, Tel: +39-0565-939294, Fax: +39-0565-968060.
Capoliveri commune, Tel: +39-0565-935492.
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2002 museum created based on the collection of Alfeo Ricci and his heirs.


The museum in the town Capoliveri is based on the collection of the scholar Alfeo Ricci. He was a mineral collector who made great efforts to collect and catalog minerals from the various parts of Elba. Alfeo Ricci started the collection in the 1930s and collected for more than 30 years. He discovered the rare prazolite quartz which is on display in the exhibition. Other rare specimens are polarised magnetite and the rose-shaped calcite with epidote, both from the Calamite Mine in Capoliveri. The collection is today owned by Gianfranco Ricci who created this museum together with the the Municipality of Capoliveri.

While the main emphasis is on the minerals, the museum also gives information on the geology and the mining of the island. The emphasis is on the eastern part of the island where the iron mines are located.