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the entrance.
Location: Bad Grund.
Open: MAR to OCT daily. [2007]
Fee: Per Person per day: up to 3 days EUR 14.50, up to 10 days EUR 12.50, more than 10 days EUR 9.50.
Classification: MineIron Mine SpeleologyKarst cave
Light: electric
Dimension: L=6,000m, T=7-9°C.
Guided tours:  
Address: Tourist-Zentrum e.V., Bad Grund, Tel: +49-5327-700710. E-mail: contact
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1869 mining of iron ores.
1989 use for spelaeotherapy.


The Eisensteinstollen is located in the limestone of the Iberg. This limestone is a former coral reef, which grew here during the Devonian. Intrusions of iron carbonates were weathered by the groundwater and converted into limonite, an iron ore. The chemical reaction produced carbon dioxide, which intensified karstification. The tunnel is the entrance to a huge cave system of up about 6km length, which is accessible only to cavers.


far end of the tunnel.

The Eisensteinstollen (Iron ore tunnel) is a former iron mine, located above the village Bad Grund at the slope of the Iberg. The iron ore is connected with the iron ore mined in the ShowcaveIberger Tropfsteinhöhle higher uphill. The mine is used exclusively for speleotherapy, there are no guided tours.

After entering the tunnel ther is a lock, intended to reduce the air exchange with the outside. After 80m the therapy zone is reached. About 50m long and three to four meters wide it offers room for about 50 patients.