Tropfsteinhöhle Erzenhausen

Useful Information

Location: Erzenhausen
Open: MAY to AUG no restrictions. [2014]
Fee: free [2014]
Classification: Speleothemdiadochite
Light: bring electric torch, once a year electric light
Dimension: L=76 m, H=1.80 m.
Guided tours: self guided
Address: Touristikbüro Weilerbach, Tel: +49-6374-922131.
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~1744 tunnel created.
1829 tunnel closed and forgotten.
1911 rediscovered by two citizens of Erzenhausener.


The dripstones in the mine were about 20 cm long and have diameters between 1cm and 2 cm. This is a growth at least 10 times as fast as in natural caves. The speed is obviously a result of a different chemical reaction, most likely the speleothems are Speleothemdiadochite.


The abandoned mine near Erzenhausen was dug almost 300 years ago in the search for valuable ores. But the was never a valuable ore found and mined. After the closure of the mine it was soon forgotten. It was rediscovered in 1911 by two residents of Erzenhausen, who tried to frame a spring. They discovered that the water came out of the entrance of a walled tunnel.

During the time the tunnel had been left alone huge speleothems formed, and so they called it dripstone cave, although it was not a natural cave. The tunnel was developed and opened to the public, and soon it became a popular tourist destination. Unfortunately all the dripstones have been destroyed during the years, only small remains are left. But at the rear end there are some remains, which continue to grow and may reach the old length in another 100 years.

The mine tunnel is open during summer and closed by a gate during autumn and winter to protect the bats hibernating there. The floor is muddy and maybe flooded a few centimeters, so rubber boots are a good idea. The tunnel is also narrow and low, so we recommend a helmet. There is electric light installed, but it is powered only on special events, so bring a lamp.