Bergbau- und Mineralienmuseum Oberwolfach

Museum for Minerals and Mathematics

Useful Information

Location: Schulstrasse 5, 77709 Oberwolfach
Open: MAY to OCT daily 11-17.
16-DEC to APR daily 11-16.
Closed 24-DEC, 25-DEC, 31-DEC, 01-JAN.
Fee: Adults EUR 5, Kurkarte EUR 4.50, School Pupils EUR 3, Disabled EUR 3, Students EUR 3, Family (2+*) EUR 12.
Groups (10+), Adults EUR 4, School Pupils EUR 2.50.
Classification: MineFluorite Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Bergbau- und Mineralienmuseum Oberwolfach, Schulstraße 5, 77709 Oberwolfach, Tel: +49-7834-9420, Fax: +49-7834-859362. E-mail: contact
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1652 first written mention.
1726 mining of silver abandoned after only one year.
1769 opening of the Grube Wenzel and Grube Friedrich-Christian.
1782 mines not rentable and closed.
1826 Bergwerksverein "Kinzigtaler" founded.
1850 start of baryte mining.
1857 mining stopped.
1898 mining reopened.
1907 cable car to the Benauer Berg built.
1967 cable car abandoned.
1987 Verein der Freunde von Mineralien und Bergbau Oberwolfach e.V founded.
1989 museum opened.
1996 production of silver ore concentrates.



The Bergbau- und Mineralienmuseum Oberwolfach (Mining and Mineral Museum of Oberwolfach) was the result of a mineral exhibition which took place in 1987 in the sports hall of the town Oberwolfach. Mineral collectors of the area of Oberwolfach were presenting the collections on this exhibition. The felt the urge to create a lasting exhibition of those minerals originating from the famous Grube Clara, and so they created the Verein der Freunde von Mineralien und Bergbau Oberwolfach e.V., a non-profit organization of mineral collectors. Two years later they were able to open the museum, as the town of Oberwolfach offered them the use of an old farmhouse from 1720.

The museum is presenting the mining history of the Grube Clara, but the main topic is the exceptional wealth of this mine in different and unique minerals. The mine is still in operation, producing baryte and fluorit, and is operated by the mining company Schachtleben. Both minerals are needed by the industry for various purposes. But it fame is a result of far more than 300 different minerals which were discovered in the mine.

The museum has been developed during the last years, and today its official name is Museum für Mineralien und Mathematik (Museum for Minerals and Mathematics). A second exhibition was added, which explains the scientific knowledge of the Mathematisches Forschungsinstituts Oberwolfach. Obviously geometry, topology, and other aspects of mathematics are extremely important for mineralogists, so this combination is really synergetic.