Minntac Plant

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Location: Tours leave from the Mt. Iron Senior Citizen's Center, Mt. Iron.
Open: JUN to AUG Fri 10, 13. [2006]
Classification: MineIron Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=90 min.
Address: Minntac Tour, Tel: +1-218-749-7300.
United States Steel Corporation, Minntac Plant, Box 417, Mt. Iron, Minnesota 55768, Tel: +1-218-749-7589.
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1967 plant opened.



Minntac Plant is operated by the United States Steel Corporation. It is located at Mt. Iron on Mesabi Iron Range in St. Louis County, Northern Minnesota. The plant employs approximately 1,200 people. On an area of 15,000 ha the mined iron ore, iron-bearing taconite rock, is processed into taconite pellets, which are used for smelting. The production of this plant is about 13.0 million gross tons per year (2003), together with Keewatin Taconite Plant, the second plant 40 km to the west, the production is 18.7 million tons of taconite pellets annually.

This is a surface tour, showing the plant and the used technologies. Nevertheless it is an important part of the Minnesotan iron ore mining and thus listed here.