Felicitas Heilstollen

Schiefergrube Felicitas

Useful Information

Location: Zum Heilstollen, 57392 Schmallenberg.
(51.198892, 8.273676)
Open: closed.
Fee: closed.
Classification: MineSlate Mine ExplainSpeleotherapy
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
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1863 slate mine opened.
1994 slate mining stopped.
1998 start of speleotherapy.
2011 state recognition as a health resort and renaming as Abela Heilstollen.
2016 closed for renovation.
2018 re-opening with events and cave diving.
2022 speleotherapy closed.



The Felicitas Heilstollen was a reuse of the abandoned Felicitas slate mine for speleotherapy. This was very successful for almost 20 years. The place was recognised as a health resort, and it was also possible for the health insurance to partially cover the costs. It is not explained why, but at the same time the gallery was renamed Abela Heilstollen. Abela is Hebrew and means breath, so the name at least fits. After a two-year reconstruction phase in 2016-2018, events were also held in the gallery and diving was offered in the flooded parts. In 2022, the Abela Adit was closed, the operator and the municipality have different explanations why. In the meantime, the mine is operated by a provider of cave diving courses and diving equipment.

However, there is no mining museum or show mine. Also, despite state recognition, the operation of the gallery seems to be based more on esotericism than medicine. There is talk of reduced water, miracle springs, or fountains of youth. This is a former mine, it is an underground location, but it is definitely not a show mine, as there is no mining-related tour, exhibition or whatever. Additionally, it is currently closed.