Besucherbergwerk in Bad Friedrichshall-Kochendorf

Useful Information

Location: Bad Friedrichshall-Kochendorf, 10 km north of Heilbronn.
A6 (E50) exit Heilbronn, B27 north to Kochendorf, turn left.
(49°13'10.23"N, 9°12'33.72"E)
Open: MAY to 03-OCT Sat, Sun, Hol 9:30-16 (last tour). [2007]
Fee: Adults EUR 7, Children (6-18) EUR 4,50.
Groups (20+): Adults EUR 6. [2007]
Classification: MineSalt Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=700.000 m, T=18 °C.
Guided tours: T=180 m, L=1.500m
Address: Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG, Salzbergwerk Bad Friedrichshall-Kochendorf, Bergrat-Bilfinger-Straße 1, 74177 Bad Friedrichshall, Tel: +49-7136-271-3303, Fax +49-7131-271-3200. Bandinfo +49-7131-271-3220. E-mail: contact
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1899 opened by the Salzwerke Heilbronn AG.
1901 pit named after König Wilhelm II..
1984 3,7 km underground connection to the mine at Heilbronne created.
1994 mine closed, refilled with hazardous waste.
2015 scheduled end of refill.



The tour through the Besucherbergwerk Bad Friedrichshall-Kochendorf starts with an elevator ride down the shaft to the 200 m level. The Kristallsaal (crystal chamber) shows the beauty of the salt and the crystals it forms, displayed with indirect light. The Kuppelsaal has monumental reliefs cut into the salt in niches along the wall. It is used as a concert hall for the Musik im Bergwerk (music in the mine) concerts. Here is also one of those slides typical for salt mines, 42 m long and 11 m height difference. In the Technikkammer (technology chamber) the mining technologies for salt, now and then, are explained. A multimedia show explains formation, geology, mining history, modern mining, and processing of the salt. The huge figures aus dinosaurs are meant to symbolize the creation time of the salt, but we guess they are intended mostly for children.

The visitor sees mining technology like conveyors and trucks inside the mine. But this part of the mine at Kochendorf is not working any more. Most of it is refilled and used to store hazardous waste. The huge chambers, 15 m wide, 5-10 m high and 20 m long eache, are ideal for this, and it is necessary to refill them to avoid collapses and the resulting damages on the surface. The part of the show mine is now protected by law.