Ardoisière Haut-Martelange

Schiefermuseum Obermartelingen

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Location: Obermartelingen (Haut-Martelange).
Open: APR to NOV Wed, Sun 15.
Groups after appointment.
Classification: MineSlate Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Ardoisière Haut-Martelange, Maison 3, L-8823 Haut-Martelange, Tel: +352-23-640-141. E-mail: contact
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1750 mining started.
1900 slate mining and processing second most important industry in the Grand-Duchy.
1985 mine closed.


The Ardoisière Haut-Martelange (slate mine of Upper Martelange) is a series of slate mines located at Obermartelingen at the elgian-Luxembourgian frontier. Today the Musée de l'Ardoise de Haut-Martelange (Schiefermuseum Obermartelingen, slate museum Obermartelingen) tries to protect what is left of the mines. There are numerous surface buildings which are reconstructed. A miniers train is running on some tracks across the quarry. But the slate quality is much better when mined underground, and once there was a mine with three subterranean levels up to 160 m deep below surface. The lower two levels are flooded by ground water, since the pumps were shut off when the mine was closed in 1985. But the uppermost level is restored at the moment and underground tours may be held in a few years. They will show how the slate was cut by a rope and then transported to the surface.