Minas de Burguillos del Cerro

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Location: Burguillos del Cerro (Badajoz).
EX-112 exit Burguillos del Cerro, 750 m towards Brovales, turn right on single lane road (gated).
(38.374280, -6.611180)
Open: not yet open.
Fee: not yet open.
Classification: MineEisen
Light: LightLED Lighting
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Address: Minas de Burguillos del Cerro, Minas de Burguillos del Cerro, Carretera Jerez, s/n, Pulpí (Almería).
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19th century begin of iron mining.
17-MAY-1978 Monchi Mine closed.


The rise of a dioritic magma created a body of hot magma in contact with carbonate rocks of the lower Cambrian. The resulting mineral paragenesis created a great diversity of silicates, sulfides, oxides, carbonates and others. The geology and mineralogy in this deposit is extraordinary and unique in Spain.


The Minas de Burguillos del Cerro are named after the nearby town. The set of abandoned iron mines which are planned to be opened as show mines are the Mina Monchi (Monchi Mine) and the Mina Aurora (Aurora Mine). There are kilometers of galleries, most of them flooded. They are still not developed and there is actually no date scheduled for the opening. On the other hand the mine is already listed with ACTE, the spanish show cave association.

The planned tour through Mina Monchi (Monchi Mine) will be 380 m long. Through the mine tunnel the huge exploitation chambers will be reached. Along the route skarn mineralizations, fault mirrors, speleothems, geodes, xelonites, and much more can be seen. The not flooded galleries are in good condition. They also still contain numerous remains of the mining like tools and machinery. There is also an underground shaft, the control panel of the elevator cages is still there.

It is also planned to open the Mina Aurora (Aurora Mine) and the Mina Nueva Aurora (New Aurora Mine). The Museo geominero de Burguillos del Cerro (Mining Museum of Burguillos del Cerro) will offer exhibitions on the geology and history of the mine. At the moment it is only possible to visit the Casa del Corregidor (Corregidor's house) and the Castillo Templario (Templar Castle).