Magnesitstollen Hohentauern

Der Keltenberg

Useful Information

Location: At Hohentauern.
A9 bis Trieben oder über die S36 bis Judenburg.
(47.447542, 14.465871)
Open: Fels- und Höhlenwelt: MAY to OCT daily 10-17. Depending on snow.
Bergbaustube: All year Wed 15-17 and after appointment.
Fee: Fels- und Höhlenwelt
self guided: Adults EUR 5, Children EUR 3, Family EUR 12.
guided: Adults EUR 8, Children EUR 5, Family EUR 20.
Bergbaustube Adults EUR 5, Children EUR 3, Family EUR 12.
Classification: MineMagnesite Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Magnesitstollen Hohentauern, Hohentauern Nr. 8, 8785 Hohentauern, Tel: +43-3618-335, Fax: +43-3618-366. E-mail: contact
Bergbaustube, Gemeindehaus, 8785 Hohentauern. Hr. Krisch, Tel: +43-3618-325, Hr. Breitenfelder, Tel: +43-3618-288, Hr. Stoiber, Tel: +43-3618-410.
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1991 mine closed.
2002 opened as a show mine.


The Magnesitstollen Hohentauern (magnesite tunnel Hohentauern) is a former mine in the little village named Hohentauern and located in the famous eponymous mountain ridge.

The mine is famous for its dome, which is covered by glittering magnesite crystals. There is also a mineral exhibition underground. The dome is reached on an either self guided or guided tour through a long mine tunnel.

Today the mine is part of a Celtic theme park, offering a lot of information and activities around the daily life of celtic people living here more than 2,000 years ago. There are various trails, reconstructed villages and the possibility to try out their daily life. The dome is advertised as a place for meditation.

If you are interested in the mining background, there is the Bergbaustube (mining room), a small museum in the same village, which does not belong to the theme park.