Åmdals Verk Gruver

Åmdals Verk Mines

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Location: Åmdals Verk, Tokke, Telemark. From Vrådal follow RV38 30 km towards Dalen.
Open: 30-MAY to 15-AUG daily 10-17. 16-AUG to 29-MAY by appointment. [2005]
Fee: Per person NOK 300, minimum fee for groups NOK 6000. [2005]
Classification: MineCopper Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: L=1,200 m (by foot), 600 m (by train).
Bibliography: Birger Bastiansen (1986): Åmdals gamle kobberværk 1540-1945, NAGS-nytt, Norges Amatørgeologer Sammenslutning, 1986/1, pp 4-15
Freddy Egsæter (1984): Rallardag ved Åmdals verk 8/8-84, NAGS-nytt, Norges Amatørgeologer Sammenslutning, 1984/2, pp 35.
Address: Åmdals Verk Gruver, Vest-Telemark Museum, 3880 Dalen, Tel: +47-350-77331, Fax: +47-350-77085. E-mail: contact
Olav Døli, Tel: +47-350-79350, E-mail: contact
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1540 mine founded, after when King Christian III of Denmark-Norway sent German miners to Telemark.
1945 mine closed.


The mine at Åmdals Verk is one of the oldest mine in Norway. It was founded in 1540 by German miners, who were brought to Telemark by King Christian III of Denmark-Norway. He tried to develop the mining industry in Norway.

Today there is a museum, which is a reconstruction of an old skeidehuset. The museum shows mining tools, photographs, drawings and documents related to the mining. A topographic model of the mine area and models of mine buildings and mining machines show, how copper was processed. There is also a geologic exhibition and a mineral collection.

The underground mine tour starts several times a day, and the visitors use a 600mm gauge railway to enter the mine. Then a 1,200 m tour shows the mining of the copper ore. Impressive are the parts of the mine which followed the 45° seams. Wooden stairs allow to walk on the roof-like floor of the mine.