Besucherbergwerk Goldhausen

Useful Information

Location: In the Eisenberg near Korbach. Zechenhaus am DGH, Turmweg, Korbach Goldhausen.
Open: MAY bis OCT Sat, Sun
Fee: Adults EUR 7.
Classification: MineGold Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=20,000m
Guided tours: L=500 m, V=2.000/a[2006]
Address: Appointments: Bürgerbüro der Stadt Korbach, Stechbahn 1, Rathaus, 34497 Korbach, Tel. +49-5631-53-232. E-mail: contact
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11th cty start of mining.
1617 end of mining.
2003 show mine opened.
2008 scheduled opening of a 200 m long side branch.



Inside the Eisenberg (Iron Mountain) near Korbach lies the richest gold deposit of Germany. The area was mined for about 500 years during the Middle Ages, but ended in the mid 17th century. Today the Unterer-Tiefen-Tal-Stollen (Lower Deep Valley Adit) at the Eisenberg is developed as a show mine for about 250 m. The visitors are equipped with helmets, rubber boots, and miners lamps. Nevertheless old clothes and a raincoat are a good idea.

Although this once was a gold mine, there is no gold visible on the tour. But this mine is an exceptional geologic sight, showing many interesting things.

The show mine is completed by a mining trail which is called Goldspur Eisenberg (Gold Track Eisenberg). It shows several improtant location of historic mining activities. Plates explain the mining history.