Pferdegöpel auf dem Rudolphschacht

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Location: Lauta, Marienberg
Open: APR to OCT Tue-Sun, Hol 10-17, tours at 10:30, 12:30, 14, 15:30.
NOV to MAR Tue-Sun, Hol 10-16, tours at 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15.
Tour with horses: Sat, Sun 14, 15:30.
During the school holidays in Saxonia also Wed.
Closed 24-DEC, 31-DEC.
Fee: Adults EUR 3, Children (5-18) EUR 1,50, Children (0-4) frei, Students EUR 2, Family (2+2) EUR 7,50.
Tour with horses: Adults EUR 4, Children (5-18) EUR 2, Children (0-4) frei, Students EUR 3, Family (2+2) EUR 10.
Underground tour: Adults EUR 3.
Classification: MineSilver Mine MineFluorite Mine MineUranium Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Address: Pferdegöpel auf dem Rudolphschacht, Lautaer Hauptstraße 12, 09496 Marienberg/OT Lauta, Tel: +49-3735-608968, Fax: +49-3735-660372. E-mail: contact
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1838 Pferdegöpel built.
1877 abandoned.
JUN-2006 Pferdegöpel opened to the public.
2008 Bergschmiede (mine smithy) opened to the public.



The Pferdegöpel (horse mill) is a wooden structure powered by horses, which was used to transport the ore up the Rudolphschacht (Rudolph shaft) from the mine. It is the central exhibit of this show mine. But there are several other things to see. There is an exhibition Bergbau im Marienberger Revier (mining in the Marienberg area) with exhibits and explanations to the silver, fluorite, and uranium mining. The entrance building is visitor center and ticket office and has an exhibition with the mechanischer Berg (mechanical mountain) of the artist Kurt Meier from Marienberg. A documentary movie on the reconstruction of the horse mill can also be seen.

The horse mill was abandoned in 1877 and as it was of wood is was destroyed almost completely. The whole structure was reconstructed and is woking again since June 2006. In 2008 the Bergschmiede (mine smithy) was added, the reconstruction af a historic example. There is the forge and the anvil, and machinery like a screw press or a drilling machine. On special occasions the machnery is presented by a black smith.

There is actually an underground tour, the Rudolphschacht below the horse mill is accessible to a depth of 20 m. The construction and manner of operation of the horse mill is explained on those guided tours.