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Location: C-Mine 10, 3600 Genk.
(50.982592, 5.490530)
Open: All year Mon 13-17, Tue-Sun 10-17.
Closed 01-JAN, 25-DEC.
Fee: Adults EUR 10, Children (6-18) EUR 6, Children (0-5) free, Students EUR 6, Disabled EUR 8, Seniors (60+) EUR 8, Families (2+2) EUR 26.
Groups (10+): Adults EUR 8, School Pupils EUR 6.
Classification: MineCoal Mine SubterraneaReplica Underground Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: self guided, D=1-1.5 h.
Photography: allowed
Accessibility: limited
Bibliography: Piotr Langer (2019): "POST-MINING REALITY” in Western Europe: Selected Collieries in Belgium and France Following Discontinuation of Coal Mining IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 471. 112003. researchgate DOI
Address: C-mine Genk, C-Mine 10, 3600 Genk, Tel: +32-89-65-44-90. E-mail:
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1901 André Dumont discovers coal near Genk.
1914 first coal extracted at Winterslag mine.
31-MAR-1988 mine closed.
1993 mine buildings protected as Historical Monument.
2000 plans to use the former mine as industrial area.
2001 site acquired by the city of Genk from Limburgse Reconversie Maatschappij (LRM).
2005 ‘C-mine’ inaugurated.


The Kempen Basin is a sedimentary basin with mesozoic rocks, containing layers of Carbon Age with coal seams.


C-Mine is the shortcut for Culture Mine, the former mine buildings were transformed into a cultural center which offers exhibitions, events and festivals. But it is also a sort of office space for creative companies, so C-mine probably means Creative Mine. It is located in the city Genk, and quite easy to access, with enough parking space and good infrastructure. The site was purchased by the city of Genk, renovated and the rent to a wide variety of small companies and venues. The idea was to create an ideal situation for creative and promising new companies to replace the loss of work caused by the closure of the coal mines and numerous dependent industries.

The tours are actually only one offer at the site. It is not a show mine at that, nevertheless there is the so-called C-mine expedition, which starts in the Energy Building on the C-mine site. This underground tour, six meters below ground, is more like a cellar with multimedia installations. The story tubes tell life-like stories combined with animations, holograms, stage elements and special effects. The visit is self-guided and interactive. It's possible to produce the ‘sound’ of mining by operating levers, buttons and wheels. The most spectacular part is the ascent to the top of the headframe with its great view, which is more than 60 metres high.

While the headframe is well-preserved, the coal washing plant, brickworks, workhouses and cooling towers have not been preserved. The lamp- and shower room (‘lampisterie’), the office buildings, and the machine building with power plant are preserved. The Energiegebouw (Energy Building) is the former power plant of the mine. There are also warehouses and horse stables.