Bergbaumuseum Sulzburg

Mining Museum Sulzburg - Landesbergbaumuseum Baden-Württemberg

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Location: Sulzburg.
A5 (E35) exit Bad Krozingen, L120 to Bad Krozingen, B3 to Heitersheim, turn left to Ballrechten-Dottingen and Sulzburg. In the city center at the market place in a former church.
(47°50'26.47"N, 7°42'28.31"E)
Open: All year Tue-Sun 14-17.
Fee: Adults EUR 1.50, Children (8-18) EUR 0.75, Children (0-7) free, Students EUR 1, Seniors EUR 1.
Groups (20+): Adults EUR 1.
Classification: MineSilver Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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Bibliography: Wolfhard Wimmenauer (1955): Der Mineralbestand der uranhaltigen Erze aus der Kobaltgrube "Gottes Segen" bei Sulzburg (Südlicher Schwarzwald), Mit Abb. 1-2 und Tafeln 3-5. pp 61-71. In: Jahreshefte. Band 1: 1955, 608 S., 46 Abb., 16 Taf., 2 Tab.
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Address: Verkehrsamt Sulzburg, Am Marktplatz, 79295 Sulzburg, Tel: +49-7634-5600-40, Fax: +49-7634-5600-50. E-mail: contact
Landesbergbaumuseum Sulzburg, Hauptstr. 60, 79295 Sulzburg, Tel: +49-7634-5600-35.
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The Bergbaumuseum Sulzburg (Mining museum Sulzburg) is located in the former protestant church at the market place of the small badian town, at the rim of the Rheintal (Rhine Valley) and at the foot of the Schwarzwald (Black Forest). It is also called Landesbergbaumuseum Baden-Württemberg (mining museum of Baden-Württemberg), as it gives an overview on all mining areas and techniques of this country. However, the center of mining with most of the mines is located in the Schwarzwald.

The topics of the museum are mininge since the middle ages, ore mining, mineralogy, and the miner's culture. There are coins, medals, documents, and pictures on display, but also heraldic crests which have mining related symbols. The central topics odf the museum are the typical salt mining and ore mining in Baden-Württemberg. But there is also a small part about petroleum and natural gas, how it was deposited, formed deposits, and is today mined.

The location Sulzburg is obviously connected to the mining history, there were silver mines around the village in the wood covered mountains around. There is a 5 km long mining trail leading to the remains of those Medieval mining activites.