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Location: Tunaberg, 14 km southwest of Nyköping.
From Nyköping take the motorway to Oxelösund, first exit to Buskhyttan, Nävekvarn. At Buskhyttan turn left towards Koppartorp. Signposted.
Open: No restrictions [2007]
Fee: free [2007]
Classification: MineCopper Mine MineCobalt Mine
Light: none
Guided tours:  
Address: Koppartorp, Tel: +46-155-52345, Fax: +46-,
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1420s first copper mines opened.
1750 start of cobalt mining.
1890s last mine sclosed.



Koppartorp is the most interesting mine at Tunaberg Gruvmuseet, a former mining village with dozens of small mines. Tunaberg is not a village any more, after the last mine closed it became desertet, a ghost town. In summer there is an open air cafe.

A few buildings, including the church, are still there an can be visited as a sort of open air museum. There are many mines, open cast and underground, which may partly be visited. Be careful when entering old mines, wear sturdy shoes, warm clothes, enough light, and if you have a helmet. There is also the possibility to find some minerals on the waste heaps.