Minas Velha

Old Mine

Useful Information

Location: Ouro Prêto, Rua Santa Rita 21, Bairro do Padre Faria.
Open: All year daily 8-17. [2007]
Fee: Adults RBL 10. [2007]
Classification: MineGold Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=2,000 m.
Guided tours: L=370 m.
Address: Minas Velha, Antônio Otávio Germano, Rua Santa Rita 21, Ouro Prêto, Tel: +55-31-3551-7741.
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1704 mine opened.



As the name says, Minas Velha (Old Mine) is one of the oldest mines at Ouro Prêto. It was probably owned by Felipe dos Santos, a famous member of the Inconfidência Mineira (Mine Conspiracy) of 1789. (see MineMinas Fonte Meu Bem Querer for more info on this)

Beneath gold veins the mine also contained ocre (ochre), which was used for paintings and malacacheta (malachite), a green copper mineral.