Cava 177

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Location: A12 exit Carrara, follow signs to Carrara, then follow signs to Colonnata. 2 km behind the village Bedizzano, at the turnoff to Fantiscritti the quary is to the right.
Open: All year Mon-Fri 14-18:30, Sat, Sun, Hol 10-18:30.
Fee: Adults EUR 5.
Groups (15+): Adults EUR 4, Students EUR 3.50.
Classification: MineLimestone Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=40 min.
Address: Cava 177, Guide: Marco, Cell: +39-338-5783629. E-mail: contact
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The most well known marble on Earth is the marble from Carrara. It is of extraordinary quality and has a fine white structure with interesting patterning. The marble is mines around the town Carrara in the first chain of mountains along the Italian coast. The mountains are steep, and the quarries are located at the mountains sides, high up above the town. Because of this fact, many quarries cut deep into the mountainside forming deep, cathedral like caverns with walls formed of fine marble.

Quarry 177 is one of the quarries open for public inspection. It is still working, so visitors see the technology used today for cutting huge blocks intended for artists and masons all over the world. But there are also many remains of the long history, both tools and machineray, and rocks which were cut since Roman times but never removed. There are remains of Roman quarry technology, tagliate, the typical cuts of Roman age, and the base of a big column and two sections of a Roman column.

There is a normal tourist tour, called Classical Tour which takes 40 Minutes and is taking place in the afternoon. In the morning there is a tour called half a day tour, which starts at 8:30 and returns at 13:30. It is intended for small groups, either up to four taking a car or up to eight with mini bus. After the visit to the quarry Cava 177 it continues with a visit to the quarry Colonnata. The tour includes three valley with various interesting spots and extraordinary views. It also includes a quarryman breakfast with lard, tomatoes, salt pork, cheese, bread and red wine. Highlight is the area where Michelangelo chose the marble for his masterpieces.