Sulitjelma Besøksgruver

Sulitjelma Visiting Mines

Useful Information

Location: Sulitjelma. Northern part of Nordland, close to the Border to Sweden. From Fauske at the sea (E6), follow road to the west along Nedrevatnet, Ovrevatnet, to Langvatnet. Sulitjelma is located at the shores of Langvatnet.
Classification: MineCopper Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=2-4 h.
Address: Sulitjelma Besøksgruve, Sandneshaugen 21, N-8230 Sulitjelma, Tel: +47-7564-0695, +47-7564-0273.
Sulitjelma Gruvemuseum, Fagerli, 8230 Sulitjelma, Tel: +47-7564-0240
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Visitors to the Sulitjelma Besøksgruve (Sulitjelma Visitor's Mine) are dressed in the mine worker's clothes, locally called lomp. The mine is entered on a very long train ride, which goes 1,500 m into the mountain. The tour shows the local geology of the copper ore, the mining techniques and the transprotation of the ore. It also shows the daily life of the miners. The tour has no fixed length or content, so it generally takes two hours, but if the visitors are interested in more it may take four hours.

The mine visit is completed by a visit of the Sulitjelma Mining Museum. It is located at the shore of the lake Langvatnet. Photos are representing more than one hundred years of mining activity. Models givet an insight into the technology which had been developed in the mining operation. There is information about the electric power station, the electrical workshop, the laundry, the smelting plant, and the hospital, all operated by the mining company. A mineral collection shows local minerals and ores.