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Falkensteiner Höhle

Falkenstein Cave and Elsachbröller

Image: the impressive cave portal.

Useful Information

Location: B28 from Ulm, Blaubeuren, to Metzingen, in Bad Urach turn right towards Grabenstetten, after 3km parking lot, right hand side, 15 min walk. (73,Kc57)
Open: In summer, Sundays, information by members of the ArGe Höhle und Karst Grabenstetten at the cave entrance.
Fee: n/a.
Classification:  Karst cave,  river cave, horizontal cave, Malm (Upper Jurassic) limestones.
Light: none
Dimension: L=3,853m.
Guided tours: L=50m, 400m with good equipment.
Bibliography: Helmut Frank (1973): Falkensteiner Höhle, Laichinger Höhlenfreund 16/17.
K.-H. Zimmermann (1978): Die Falkensteiner Höhle, Besucherinformation, ArGe Höhle und Karst Grabenstetten, 2. Aufl
Address:  Arbeitsgemeinschaft Höhle und Karst Grabenstetten e.V., Christoph Gruner (1. Vorsitzender), Uracher Straße 30, 72582 Grabenstetten.
As far as we know this information was accurate when it was published (see years in brackets), but may have changed since then.
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Bild: Das Eingansportal.
1770-1830gold digger searched futilely for gold.
1871first exploration and survey by Kolb to the 1st siphon.
1953ArGe Höhlenforschung Reutlingen explores the cave to the Fuchsloch (Fox Hole) at 1,200m.
1959explortion to the EISELE-Versturz at 2,700m.
1964a flood traps four students for 66 hours in the cave.
1974survey and map by the HHVL.
1975in the international year of cave protection, the Arge Grabenstetten starte to make guided visits.
1978new end is at 3,300m.
1979another 500m dived by Hasenmmeyer.
1980Hasenmayer dives to 5,000m and the 26th siphon.


Falkensteiner Höhle Gallery

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