Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia

Niedźwiedzia Cave - Bears' Cave

Useful Information

Location: 5km south of Stronie Slaskie (Seitenberg). Kletno Quarry near Kłodzko, Śnieżnik Massif.
Open: JAN-APR, SEP-NOV Tue-Wed, Fri-Sun 10-17, MAY-AUG Tue-Wed, Fri-Sun 9-16.
Classification: ExplainKarst cave, dolomitic limestone, dolomitic marble.
Light: electric.
Dimension: L=2,230m, VR=147m, A=790 m a.s.l, T=6°C. V=150.000/a.
Guided tours: D=45min, L=400m, 800m asl.
Photography: forbidden
Bibliography: Antoni Ogorzalek (1989): Jaskinia Niedzwiedzia w Kletnie, 21 pp, 12 colour photos, maps survey etc. Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza.
Address: Zaklad Uslug Turystycznych "Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia", ul. Kosciuszki 55, 57-550 Stronie Slaskie, Tel: +48-74-8141-250
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1966 discovered during mining in the newly established quarry Kletno III and 200 m explored.
1975 start of development as a show cave.
1982 exploration of 2 more kms.
1983 opened to the public.


Niedźwiedzia Cave is called the most beautiful cave of Poland. It is also famous for rich bone finds of cave bears, cave lions, hyena, roe deer and other. Several excavations took place, before the cave was opened to the public.

The cave is located in a marble quarry, and was discovered during quarry works. It has three levels, the upper is mostly destroyed by the quarry, the middle one is the place of the show cave, and the lower level is not open to the public.

The cave entrance is designed to keep the temperature of the cave on a constant level. The door is air tight and is opened only for a few minutes for every tour.

The cave has a small exhibition of speleothems, archaeological and paleontological finds.

The regulations for visitors are rather tough:

  1. Groups of up to 15 persons are led by certified guides.
  2. Before entering the cave items such as knapsacks, umbrellas, walking-canes, briefcases, cameras etc. should be left in the cloak room.
  3. It is forbidden to: touch the dripstones, bones, rocks etc, litter the cave, write on cave walls, walk beyond the limits of the pavements and railings, take photographs, smoke, make noises.