Useful Information


Every show cave, mine or subterranea on this site has a short list of hard facts called Useful Information. With a contemporary browser it will be displayed like this text, with smaller font and darkgreen letters on white background.
In the Useful Information block you find information in a very brief form, which makes some explanation necessary.
It is very difficult to write dates, fees and hours in a well readable manner, so we always tried to find a sort of "international" way of writing it, which should be understood by anybody. But if you do not understand it, here is the explanation:

Geologic and speleological classification of the cave or mine.

The different types of caves, mines and subterranea are explained in the General Information section. So this classification is used here too. Most of the terms will be links to the respective explanatory page.

Sometime local specialties are added too. Especially the age of the rock and its facies, which means the chemistry and properties of the rock, is added.